Are you ready to get your kids outside and participating in some healthy activities?  This may be surprising, but there are some health benefits of the Bounce House.  Don’t believe us?  Next time you are at a party or event with a bounce house, watch the kids and see how much energy they are using if they continually bounce.  Better yet, if the bounce house is commercial grade and you are under 250 pounds, you can hop in and test it out yourself.  You will be sweating and breathing hard in a matter of minutes.   Jumping is one the healthiest things you can do.  Anyone can do it! It doesn’t matter if you are older, younger, overweight, a seasoned athlete, or no athlete at all. 

Here are three health benefits of the Bounce House.

Jumping in a Bounce House burns mega calories.

Forget your grandmother’s Jazzercise or your cousin’s Beach body workouts and fancy shakes. Jumping in a bounce house is where it is at.  What can be better than burning mega calories in a bounce house after eating tons of junk at a birthday party?  When you jump, your body burns between 800 to 1,000 calories an hour.  You typically only burn about 200 calories an hour when you walk. Sometimes we chuckle a bit when people want a bounce house all day and say they will use it all day.  Physically, it is exhausting to bounce, but that means it is a good calorie burner.

Jumping in a Bounce House increases bone density.

Jumping is one of the best exercises for healthy bones.  If you or your family members have a history of osteoporosis, jumping can help!  Jumping in a bounce house from Jump Around can be a fun way to increase bone density.  The great thing about jumping is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. No bounce house is needed.

Jumping in a Bounce House aids in balance.

Balance and bone strength work together to protect you.  The more balance you have, the less you fall and the less you need to rely on bone strength to protect you. The great thing about a bounce house is the softer air-filled surface that protects you as you experiment with your balance.  Because little ones are really unstable in their balance, most manufacturers do not recommend a bounce house for kids under age three.  The bounce house’s surface is not flat; it is curved, making it more challenging to balance for toddlers.  For older kids, it is an excellent challenge for learning balance. Are you ready to plan a healthy birthday party? It doesn’t have to start with the food; let it begin with a bounce house!