Having Safe Fun with a Bounce House Party

Our vision at Jump Around is to make smiles everywhere we go!  We love to see smiles on the faces of our staff, customers, their guests, and our event planners.  We love smiles!  When we see a smile, we know our high-quality inflatables and excellent customer service experience led to fun!  

While seeing smiles is our vision, we know these smiles do not come if safety is not our mission’s top priority.  No one will be smiling if an unsafe situation occurs at your event or party.

Jump Around does almost 1,500 events annually, with thousands of people using our equipment at schools, churches, HOAs, colleges, businesses, government entities, and backyards.  So how do we keep so many people safe at Jump Around?

Always follow the Inflatable Manufacturer’s Instructions

Each commercial grade inflatable that Jump Around VA has in our inventory has safety instructions printed on the bounce house directly.  Additionally, our crew goes over safety and use when setting up for your bounce house event.  When you complete your reservation, Jump Around sends you safety instructions and a brief quiz.  

Some basic safety instructions for a commercial-grade bounce house include ages three and up, up to 200lbs per person, supervising at all times, and discontinuing use if winds exceed 15mph or you experience lightning, thunder, or rain.  

Remove your shoes, and do not take anything inside the bounce house with you, toys, food, pets, or sharp objects.  No flips, summersaults, diving, wrestling, crashing into each other, or netting. Stay within the occupancy and keep kids of similar ages and sizes together, so that little ones are not hurt by bigger people inside the bounce house.

Each bounce house should have its attendant. Some larger inflatables need multiple attendants.  For an additional cost, Jump Around can provide attendants for your event to supervise inflatables.

Inflatable Slide Safety

Additional safety rules exist if your inflatable obstacle or bounce house has a slide. Only one person climbs up the steps and sits at the top, and only one slides per lane at a time. We call this the 1, 1, and 1 rule.  When participants slide, they should always slide feet first, feet together, and on their bottom or backside. 

There should never be little ones sliding on the lap of someone. If they stick out their arms or legs, they could get caught on the side while the bigger person still goes down, leading to an injury. The following person sliding should slide once the previous person has moved out of the way. There should never be any bouncing in the slide area, as the floor could be uneven. 

These safety guidelines also apply to inflatable water slides.  If your waterslide inflatable has a pool, you must know it could be a drowning hazard.  At this time, Jump Around has discontinued all inflatable waterslides with pools and has replaced them with splash pads at the end that does not accumulate large amounts of pooling water. 

Jump Around VA is here to ensure you have many smiles at your next event, but it all begins with safety! If you have any questions about bounce house safety, don’t hesitate to contact us!