Can Adults Go on a Bounce House?

Silly kids, bounce houses are for grown up’s!  We get this question weekly, 

“Can adults go on a bounce house?”  

 Jump Around inflatables are big, beautiful, and bright. They are calling for you.  You may have forked out the money to rent a bounce house for your kid’s party, but inwardly you are thinking, “I never got this when I was a kid.”  You may think it is too late to go back and relive your childhood missed dreams.  Missed dreams are never too late with Jump Around.  You can relive your childhood in a bounce house as an adult.  We recommend setting us up in the backyard so nosey neighbors don’t stare and get pictures.

Here are three things to remember when adults use a bounce house.

Pay attention to Inflatable weight limits.

If you are looking for inflatable games, slides, or bounce houses that can handle adults, you must use commercial-grade inflatables. The bounce houses on Amazon or Walmart will not work for larger kids or adults. They are made of cheaper materials designed to hold toddlers for occasional use.  Be careful; some companies take shortcuts and rent these units to their customers.  Jump Around only uses commercial-grade inflatables in great working condition. These are designed to be used by children and adults!  

Each unit and manufacturer has its weight, height, and age requirements. These are typically listed near the entrance. Most of our inflatables can handle adults up to 200 to 250 lbs.  Typically the lower weight restriction is on the slides at 200lbs.

Add Your HeadBigger People and Smaller people should bounce separately.

Suppose you have a mix of ages and sizes of people jumping. In that case, we recommend that they bounce separately to avoid a larger person accidentally falling, jumping, or landing on a smaller person. If you have an inflatable slide, never have a little one slide on someone else’s lap.  If the smaller, lighter person sticks their leg or arms out to the side, the bigger person will keep sliding down, forcing their arm or leg to bend backward, resulting in injury. 

Bouncing is a lot of work.

What goes up must come down. But it will take some energy and work to keep going.  Jumping in a bounce house is an excellent workout and a great way to burn off those extra calories you ate at the party.  

If you want more fun and less work, consider an interactive inflatable like the wrecking ball, soccer dart, field goal challenge, or wack a mole!

Regardless of which inflatable you need for adults, Jump Around has you covered!