How to Plan a Safe Birthday Party during COVID with Jump Around

Who would ever think you would be reading a blog on how to have a safe birthday party?  Do remember long ago and far away where you just planned out your party without ever thinking about illness, crowds or COVID?

We know options are still very limited. Unfortunately most indoor party places are either closed temporarily or permanently due to COVID. 

The good news is, you can have a great party, a safe party, at your home with a bounce house rental with Jump Around.

3 tips for planning a safe party at home with a bounce house

1. Make sure you are using a reputable rental company.

An easy way to do this is to search “reviews for Jump Around VA moon bounce rentals” or whichever company you are considering.  You can also find reviews on Google for most reputable companies. You can find Jump Around’s google reviews  here. Reputable companies are not afraid to ask for and share reviews from their customers. Obtaining reviews iis a way reputable companies improve their services and products.  You can also find reviews on a company’s website.  Jump Around VA reviews are listed here

If you cannot find reviews, ask some tough questions.  Do they sanitize? Do they have insurance? What is the condition of their bounce houses? Are their inflatables commercial grade?

2. Ask friends and family not to come if they are sick

This was something we never had to think about before.  You can easily put this on the invitation to avoid the awkwardness of saying it in person.  Don’t be afraid to ask for this. This has become customary for daycares, schools and churches.  Offer to send a good bag to those that couldn’t make it due to illness.

3. Limit the number of kids in the bounce house

During a time of social distancing you want to keep crowds to a minimum. The same is true for a bounce house or inflatable.  Every inflatable manufacturer has a recommendation on the number of people that should be using a bounce house at one time.  Stay within that limit and lower it if you feel more comfortable doing so.  

Always have the kids bounce in their own space, not crashing into each other, wrestling or any other close physical contact. These safety rules are wise whether you are socially distancing or not.  

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