Three tips for a Bounce House Party for crowds!

With the Governor of Virginia lifting restrictions as of April, 1st 2021, you may be thinking about a bounce house party for crowds.  You are hoping for a larger gathering over this spring, summer, or fall.  As of April 1st, in Virginia, outdoor gatherings will be allowed to go up to 100 people and indoor groups up to 50 people.  The increase is excellent news for those desiring larger crowds!  You have missed out on a lot over the last year.  Some people are going all out to make up for last year’s missed birthday parties, family reunions, graduation parties, and other celebrations.

When it comes to a bounce house party for a crowd, there are some safety concerns that you want to think through.  It wasn’t safe before to have a bounce house overcrowded, and it is not safe in our COVID concerned era to have an overloaded bounce house.

Each manufacturer has a maximum capacity and weight recommendation for every commercial inflatable. It is essential to follow that.  Further, you still may want to avoid overcrowding for COVID concerns. While Jump Around disinfects for every bounce house party rental, the kids will still be in close contact with each other. 

Here are three tips for a bounce house party for a crowd.

Rotate kids through the Bounce House.

Most manufacturers, no matter how large the bounce house, are not going to recommend more than 10 using it at once.  Most large outdoor gatherings have more than 10 kids.  Every bounce house requires a mature, competent, teen or adult supervising at all times.  The larger bounce houses that have a lot of people need two attendants supervising them. An attendant doesn’t need to be a paid staff attendant from Jump Around VA.  We train volunteers and go over safety at setup. Additionally, safety instructions are on the front of every bounce house and you are emailed safety training ahead of your event.

Have multiple bounce houses.

If you have space and the budget you can solve the challenge of a lot of kids with having multiple bounce houses.  You can designate a specific bounce house for boys or girls.  Alternatively, you can have a bounce house for each age group or size of children.  One bounce house for older kids, and one for younger kids.  Some schools and churches have a bounce house for each grade or class.  Remember each bounce house will need a separate attendant, either trained staff from Jump Around or a volunteer from your party or organization.  Also, each bounce house will need its own electrical outlet within 50 to 100 feet of the setup area.  Usually, it works best to have a generator when you have multiple inflatables.

Move them along with a slide or obstacle or extra-large combo inflatable.

Sometimes it can be difficult to move the kids in and out of a bounce house with a rotation.  Some inflatables lend themselves to moving people through them quickly.  Obstacle inflatables and Inflatable slides are great for larger gatherings or events.  They move people through quickly.  There is a defined entrance and a separate exit.  This makes it easier to control the flow of kids into the inflatable as they have to leave and get back in line.  The extra-large Combo bounce house is also a good choice if you want a bounce area and slide all in the same inflatable.  This bounce house has a slide that has the participants exit on the outside. So if they want to use the slide, and they will, they will be forced to exit and reenter.

If Jump Around VA can help you plan your next large gathering or event, please call on us!

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