Two Tips for Planning a Bounce House Party around the Weather

I know what it is like to deal with the weather when planning an outdoor event, like a birthday party, family reunion, or any other celebration.  It seemed like every time our daughter had a birthday; we would be battling rain.  


How do you deal with the weather when planning a bounce house party or event?


Here are two tips:

Consider moving your bounce house event inside.

It’s best if you think through these options ahead of time. One summer at our daughter’s birthday party, we got caught out in the rain with no place to go, no plans, and no options. It pretty much just ended the party. 

Decide if you can go inside or under a covering of some kind.  Some inflatable bounce houses are designed to go indoors. They have a shorter height allowing them to fit into most spaces.  The average bounce house, however, is over 15 feet tall.  You may also call Jump Around moon bounce rentals and ask if we have any smaller items available to move indoors.  We are accustomed to working with our customers on short notice to deal with weather challenges.  You may switch from a bounce house to a smaller inflatable game or add some concessions or other games for use inside.

If moving inside is not desirable or just not an option, you will need to move the time and possibly the date of your bounce house event.

Move the time or the date of your bounce house event.

Sometimes the bounce house inflatable is such an integral part of your event or party that you do not want to go without it.  Here is a little tip from the pros at Jump Around who watch the weather daily.  The weatherman is not always correct.  I know, shocker!?!  Just because the weather may say for Saturday, 90% chance of precipitation doesn’t mean that it is a 90% chance of rain all day.  It often means that it is a 90% chance of rain at some point on that day. 


Once you get it within 48-72 hours, we recommend checking the hourly forecast in your location during your party rental times.  Check the weather on several different weather apps.  Remember to focus on your party times and your location.  If it is a 90% chance of rain at 6 am, and your party starts at 2 pm, don’t cancel or reschedule.  But often, canceling is what folks do because they do not check the hourly forecast; they merely look at the rain percentage for the day.  Once we cancel or reschedule a rental, it is complicated to add it back on the schedule last minute when you realize the weather will be good.

Bad weather and a bounce house are not a good combination.  Inflatables cannot be used in winds over 15, mph and moderate to heavy rain poses a risk because the bounce house uses an electrical blower that must stay plugged in and on when using.  


We hope these two tips help you the next time you are planning your outdoor bounce house party or event.

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