One of the most frequent questions we get at Jump Around VA, is “what bounce house is great for a lot of people? The answer to this question relies on multiple factors. Some of these factors include, “what is your budget,?” and “ what space do you have available?” Most commercial-grade inflatables will max out at 10 to 12 kids at a time. While this works for most people, you may have a larger guest list or you may be planning an event for a larger group. Here are the top 3 best suggestions for having a bounce house for a lot of people:

Rotate the kids by age groups

If you only have space and budget for a basic bounce house your best bet is to rotate the kids. Arrange the kids in groups by grade or age and have them take turns. Make them rotate out of the bounce house every so often. This is always the safest way to use a bounce house because you are avoiding the possibility of very big kids and very small kids colliding with each other. A large bounce house typically can have up to 10 people at a time. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and safety instructions before use.

Have Multiple Bounce Houses

If rotating kids and taking turns isn’t ideal for your event or party, consider having multiple bounce houses. This can be done in a couple of different ways. You might have one bounce house that is girl themed and another is boy themed, or you might have different bounce houses for different age kids. For example, having one bounce house for pre-school-aged kids and another one or two for elementary-age kids. Another option is to have different types of inflatables, like one bounce house and then another inflatable slide, obstacle course, combo, or a game of some kind.

Rent a Slide or Obstacle Course Inflatable

If you only have space and budget for one inflatable for a lot of people, your best bet may be a slide or obstacle. Inflatable slides and obstacles are great because unlike a bounce house it forces the flow of traffic to keep moving. The idea of a bounce house slide or obstacle is that they don’t hang out on it, they keep moving down the slide or through the obstacle course. You can move a lot of people in a short amount of time through inflatable obstacles and slides. Another option is the extra-large combo bounce house that has a bounce area and a slide that has the kids exit on the outside. This allows you to control the flow back inside the bounce area. If Jump Around can help you plan your next party or event that has a lot of kids, don’t hesitate to reach out to Jump Around VA!