Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine


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  • bubble for cotton candy machine largebubble for large

    $12 Bubble Cover for Cotton Candy Machine Large.  Is your event indoors or you just want an extra large cover over your cotton candy machine for your event?  Add the bubble to your order.

  • cotton candy 70 servings packcotton candy 70 servings pack$20.  Serves 60-70 per pack.  Each Cotton Candy Pack comes with a half gallon carton of sugar floss and 70 cones. Flavors and brand may vary on inventory but typically we carry blue and pink.  If you order more than one pack we will give you some of each color.  This is the smallest quantity pack available.  Add additional quantities to give you more supply servings in increments of 70.

Product Information:

$59.  Cotton Candy Machine.  This thing is sweeeet, literally.  Sweeten up your party or event with a commercial-grade cotton candy machine.  Each pack of supplies serves 70 and is purchased for $20 each.

Makes 2-3 cones per minute. Highly efficient; uses minimum electricity. Always follow instructions within the manual for set up, care, & cleaning.

Professional delivery to Fredericksburg, VA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

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