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Product Information:

Sumo Suits. The Sumo Game includes a set of two sumo suits, a safety mat, and headgear. These fit teenagers to adults only. 

This is a two-player game.  Participants should be within 5 ft and 6' 4″ to participate or between 60″ and 76″ inches tall and under 250lbs. 

We will provide two attendants to operate this game.

You should have two attendants to help spot the players. 

You need a 25 x 25-foot area clear of obstacles, preferably on soft ground like grass.

Participants MUST wear the provided helmets AT ALL times.  If someone removes their helmet or steps off the mat or out of the circle, you MUST stop the game.

Match people of similar size for the game to compete.

Remove shoes, glasses, and jewelry

Please use common sense when playing this game.

Don't put men vs women.

Don't let players fall back to the mat. A Spotter should be there at all times to prevent this. 

Do not let people who are too small for the suits play.

Do not lower your head and spear your opponent.

Do not allow them to continue to wrestle once one of the participants has stepped outside the circle ring.

Start the Match

As the event starts, the spotters should quickly get behind each player.  One spotter will act as the referee.

Line up the two participants on the short yellow lines in the center.

The game's object is to either wrestle your opponent to the ground or get them to step out of the circle.

Play stops if one of the wrestlers steps out of the ring or falls to the mat. 

Spotters should ensure that wrestlers do not fall straight back or awkwardly to the ground. 

Matches consist of 3 bouts, best of three wins.


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Product Description: Sumo Suit Rental

Dive into a world of laughter and competitive fun with Jump Around Events’ Sumo Suit Rentals! Transform any Virginia event into an unforgettable experience as participants don the suits and enter the ring. Ideal for parties, corporate events, team-building exercises, or any gathering looking for a dose of unique entertainment, our sumo suit rental promises to be a highlight.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Sumo Experience: Our high-quality sumo suits are designed to mimic the look and feel of traditional sumo attire, providing an authentic and hilarious experience for both participants and spectators.
  • Complete Set: Each rental includes everything needed for a sumo showdown – two adult-sized sumo suits, protective headgear, and a sumo wrestling mat, ensuring safety and fun go hand in hand.
  • Easy to Use: Jump Around Events ensures a hassle-free experience by delivering, setting up, and taking down the equipment, letting you focus on the fun.
  • Engaging for All: Whether stepping into the suit or cheering from the sidelines, sumo wrestling brings everyone together for memorable moments and laughter.

Blog: Why Sumo Suit Rentals Are a Must for Your Next Event

When planning an event, the goal is to create moments that stick with guests long after the last goodbye. Sumo suit rentals from Jump Around Events offer just that – a unique blend of humor, competition, and unforgettable fun that appeals to all ages.

A Unique Twist on Entertainment

Sumo wrestling, a sport steeped in tradition and respect, takes a light-hearted turn with our sumo suit rentals. The suits instantly level the playing field, making it less about strength and more about strategy and balance, all while providing endless laughs.

Break the Ice with Belly Laughs

Sumo suit wrestling is an excellent icebreaker for corporate events or team-building activities. It encourages participants to let down their guards and engage in spirited competition, fostering camaraderie and teamwork in the most entertaining way possible.

Safe and Inclusive Fun

Safety is a top concern with any form of entertainment, and sumo suit wrestling is no exception. The suits are padded and designed for impact absorption, and the included headgear protects participants during their bouts. This attention to safety makes sumo wrestling inclusive, allowing guests of varying ages and fitness levels to join in the fun.

Hassle-Free Entertainment

Opting for sumo suit rentals with Jump Around Events means you’re choosing stress-free entertainment. Our team handles the logistics of delivery, setup, and takedown, ensuring the sumo wrestling area is ready for action when your guests arrive.

Sumo suit rentals are more than just an activity; they’re a way to inject laughter, excitement, and a bit of competitive spirit into any event. They’re a surefire hit for anyone looking to make their Virginia event stand out. Whether you’re planning a birthday bash, a corporate retreat, or just a fun day with friends, sumo suit wrestling will undoubtedly be a talking point for years to come. Ready to bring the uproarious fun of sumo wrestling to your next gathering? Contact Jump Around Events today and let the bouts begin!