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Product Information:

Wash lighting and uplighting are both popular lighting techniques used in weddings and other events to enhance the atmosphere and highlight specific features of a venue. However, they serve different purposes and create distinct effects:

Wash Lighting

  • Purpose: Wash lighting is used to evenly illuminate large areas or surfaces with a broad spread of light. This technique is ideal for setting the overall mood of an event, lighting up stages, dance floors, or entire rooms.
  • Effect: It creates a uniform light distribution over a wide area, ensuring that spaces are well-lit and features within the space are gently highlighted without harsh shadows. Wash lighting can be colored or white light, depending on the desired ambiance.
  • Application: Often used with fixtures placed at a distance from the area being lit, wash lighting ensures that guests can see clearly, and the event space feels inviting. It's also used to enhance the natural beauty of the venue or to match the event's color scheme.


  • Purpose: Uplighting is a technique that involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and angling them upward to illuminate walls, columns, or specific architectural features of a venue. It's used to add depth, interest, and color to a space.
  • Effect: Uplighting creates dramatic shadows and highlights, accentuating architectural details or adding a pop of color to the venue. This can dramatically transform the look and feel of a space, making it more intimate, elegant, or vibrant.
  • Application: Uplighting is strategically positioned around the perimeter of a space or near specific features you wish to highlight. It's highly customizable, with the ability to change colors to match the event's theme or the mood you want to create.

Key Differences

  • Coverage: Wash lighting covers large areas with a broad light, while uplighting is more focused, highlighting specific parts of a venue.
  • Purpose: Wash lighting is about general illumination and setting a base mood, whereas uplighting is used for accentuating features and adding decorative elements.
  • Placement: Wash lights are typically placed at a distance from the target area and aimed to cover it broadly. Uplighting fixtures are placed on the ground, aiming upwards to create an effect on walls or objects.

Both lighting techniques can be used together to create a layered and dynamic lighting design for weddings, with wash lighting providing the foundational ambient light and uplighting adding depth and drama through accents and colors.

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